Looking to make your home a cleaner and healthier place for you and your family? Try an Aprilaire electronic air cleaner, an automatic whole-home humidifier, or even a UV light. These accessories will help your family stay healthier, and also protect your home from damage to your hardwood floors and walls.

Aprilaire electronic air cleaner
  • Cleans your air 4 times per hour
  • Captures 98% of particles
  • Captures bacteria & spores
  • Service annually (20-minute appointment)
  • Runs silent & out of sight

Automatic Whole-Home Humidifiers
  • Saves on your heating bill
  • Helps to protect your family from illness
  • Helps to protect your home. Low humidity can damage your hardwood floors and walls.

RGF light

The installation of an RGF light with its own ozone will help protect your home and family from mold, germs, and bacteria. The RGF light also reduces airborne particles that can cause health concerns such as headaches, fatigue, and lung irritation. The system also helps keep your heating and/or air conditioning unit cleaner, more efficient, and can even extend the life of your system.

A+ Rating