Water Heaters

We install and service a variety of water heaters. There are many different brands and models to choose from, with different features and benefits. You will be able to find the most efficient unit for your home. Finger Lakes Comfort showcases Bradford White water heaters, as they are reliable and efficient. With over 50 water heaters to choose from, they are at the top of their class.

  • Energy-efficient & Energy Star qualified models available
  • Manufacturers 6-year warranty
  • Multiple venting options
  • Natural-draft
  • Power vented
  • Heat pump
  • On-demand

Atmospheric Vent Gas Model - Bradford White
  • Utilizes a draft diverter
  • Atmospheric vented with capacities ranging from 30-50 gallons
  • Inputs range 30,000 – 50,000 BTU/HR
  • Perfect for any standard water heating

Aerothermal Series heat pump water heater – Bradford White
  • Highly efficient which helps save energy and money year-round
  • Low operational cost
  • 4 operation modes:
    • Heat Pump
    • Hybrid
    • Electric
A+ Rating