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How to Leverage NYSERDA Funds to Create an Energy Efficient Home

It’s not easy being green. Or is it? Creating energy efficiency in your home sounds like a potentially daunting task. And though it’s not the simple flip of a switch, it’s entirely possible with the help of the right professionals and resources. Minimizing energy waste in your home offers a multitude of benefits, most notably lowering utility costs and reducing your carbon footprint. The cost associated with creating an energy efficient home often deters people from taking the proper steps to reduce energy waste, but in New York State, there’s an answer to that dilemma. EmPower+ In 2023, the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) developed a program called EmPower+, dedicated to helping low- and mid-income homeowners and renters decrease energy waste in their homes. The mission is to provide resources to households who may not otherwise have the ability to transform their energy consumption, thus reducing the energy burden on residents and creating greener communities throughout the state. How do I qualify? Owners and renters of single to four-unit homes must be considered low or moderate income, which is determined by one of the following: Income, which is verified via pay stubs or tax returns HEAP or SNAP beneficiaries; participation in either of these programs automatically qualifies you for EmPower+ Other social service departments can also verify eligibility Check your eligibility here. What’s covered? Eligible households can receive incentives toward energy improvement projects in their home including: Attic, wall, and rim joist insulation Air sealing to reduce drafts Health & safety items Mobile home underbelly insulation For homes that have had air sealing and insulation completed, contractors can make recommendations to upgrade other equipment including: Cold climate air source heat pump Heat pump hot water tank Replacement of low-efficiency heating systems I’m eligible. What’s next? It’s time to find the right contractor to help you transform your home’s energy usage. New York State partners with certified, reputable HVAC companies, like Finger Lakes Comfort, to execute the work, from the initial home assessment, to the installation of equipment and everything in between. Finger Lakes Comfort is a proud partner of the EmPower+ program and our Energy Reduction Program offers a comprehensive solution for those who qualify. We’re well-versed in the New York State program and advocate on your behalf to help you maximize the financial support you receive. Our energy auditors are BPI certified and ready to help you understand how to best eliminate energy waste in your home. To get started, simply complete a brief pre-qualification form and our team will reach out to you to schedule a zero-cost home assessment.

Are all your ducts in a row?

We get it. The list of appliances and systems to maintain in your household is lengthy; but when was the last time you gave your air ducts a little TLC? Though we’d love to believe that every household prioritizes the cleanliness of its air ducts, the reality is that they’re often neglected. Having your ducts cleaned by a reputable HVAC professional can prove beneficial for your home and your health. In this blog post, we’ll break down the many benefits of regular duct cleaning in your home or place of business. Enhanced Energy Efficiency Air duct cleaning is an important extension of your regular HVAC maintenance program. Ensuring ducts are clear of dirt and debris means that the warm or cool air generated by your HVAC system can flow freely as intended, thus improving its overall performance. Better performance translates to a more efficient HVAC system, which not only prolongs the life of the equipment, but also puts money back in your pocket when it comes to your energy bill. Allergens begone! Having your ducts cleaned regularly can significantly reduce the allergens circulating throughout your home or business, including pollen, dust mites and animal dander. As you can imagine, regular cleaning is especially important for households with allergy and asthma sufferers, effectively improving indoor air quality and alleviating symptoms. Also, for homeowners with pets that shed, cleaning air ducts regularly is important to manage the dander in your home and reduce accumulation in your HVAC system. What’s that smell? The stinky reality is that buildings can assume different smells based on what’s flying around in the air duct system. Musty and unpleasant odors are a common catalyst when people first decide to have their air ducts serviced. Oftentimes, when an unpleasant odor is present in several rooms, a thorough cleaning of the air ducts can resolve the issue. Keep mold and mildew at bay. Condensation from central air conditioning can create an ideal environment for mold and mildew to thrive, potentially causing serious health issues. The good news is that regular duct cleaning can proactively eliminate this issue and ensure your air quality remains safe and clean. Though having your air ducts cleaned doesn’t sound like the most exciting activity on your to-do list, it offers a wide range of benefits to your home and, more importantly, your health. Having a qualified HVAC professional do the work is essential to ensuring that proper care is being taken and you realize the full benefits of the service. Finger Lakes Comfort proudly offers comprehensive duct cleaning services to keep your home or business clean and healthy year round. Additionally, Finger Lakes Comfort offers whole-home filters and UV light sanitation systems to further enhance the air quality in your home or place of business. Visit our website to learn more: