Water Treatment

We now offer Water Care Services

Some Benefits Of Having A Water Softener?

  • Cleaner and shinier silverware, glassware, mirrors, tiles, cars, or any plumbing fixtures.
  • Softer skin and clean, smooth hair.
  • Reduced soap curd makes cleaning easier and reduces housework.
  • Uses less soap and shampoo because of the rich lather softened water and soap produces.
  • Softer clothes without hard minerals trapped in the fabric. Fabrics last longer and whites stay whiter without the dingy gray caused by hard water.
  • Preserves the life of all water appliances such as coffee machines, ice makers, dishwashers, water heaters and laundry equipment.
  • Save money on monthly energy costs and damages to appliances.

Sign up for our Comfort Water Care Club

  • Annual Scheduled Service
  • 10% off all repairs
  • Water hardness test
  • Reduced trip charges $25 (regularly $45)
  • Salt delivery 3x/year (up to 20 bags/year)
  • for $34/month



75 per gallon Reverse Osmosis System installed save 5%